About Me

hiya i'm sephine ૮꒰ ˶• ༝ •˶꒱ა
17y shethey asian biroace INFP-T eng/fil OK !


make-up cats stationary women astronomy cdramas poetry w2e miffy gardening & etc !

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To Know

posting mostly about i-land2 and any idols/groups i like, i either spam or go ia, might tweet in filipino, interacting on tl > dms, i curse sometimes, reqs are okay when priv, i live tweet whenever iland2 releases a new ep, softblock to unfollow.

Go Away

fit the basic dni cri, -14 (moots are okay), know me irl or personally, hate or anti any of my favs, no common interests with me, supports isr@el, nsfw/ed account, won’t interact at all, asides from that just don't be a weirdo.


if i did something wrong, please dm and educate me.

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nwjns minji, danielle lsrfm chaewon bts taehyung


illit, weki meki, ichillin', iz*one, twice, stayc, everglow, aespa, ive, red velvet, ive, nmixx, fromis_9, riize, tripleS, el7z up, lightsum, tws.

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